GMS, as the first company in Turkey that manufactures rebar bending and cutting machines, reflects many
years of experience and know-how to its products. The GMS machines which are manufactured with automation system
making use of all of the opportunities of technology in well-equipped production facilities are manufactured in accordance
with CE and other international standards. While producing all the machines’ parts within its own structure, GöçMakSan
makes  %95 of its production with CNC units. Thanks to the advanced manufacturing hardware such as welding robots, each and
every part of the products of new generation CNC units are standardized and at a high quality. At every stage of production, computer aided
quality control is performed and all the parts and units used in the machines are tested.
In this way, each machine that has the brand of GMS ensures international standards and high performance.
GMS machines, mainly because they mostly stay at
outdoor environments are painted with electrostatic paint in order to protect
against corrosion. In addition, the parts that work together and
the parts that are not to be painted are coated with phosphate
and zinc. All the components of the machines that transmit
power are made from steel. Depending on their place
of usage, heat treatment is applied to cement and quenched steel. 
This heat treatment is given in the heat treatment unit that GMS has.
GöçMakSan, above the sector standards, also designs and
manufactures the gearboxes used in its machines within its
own facilities. Mostly, mono-block planet type gearboxes are
used in GMS machines. The gearboxes which have been
manufactured from special material steel are all manufactured
in a laboratory environment with CNC units and have computerized quality
control checks at every stage of production.
GMS gearboxes also offer easy installation as spare parts.
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