Company Profile
GöçMakSan, which began its journey of production with construction hand tools has shown a steady growth of production from
1960 to present day and has been one of the global brands in the sector. GMS, by manufacturing rebar bending and rebar
cutting machines with different capacities and strength offers products
and services for construction sector in seven continents
with its slogan “The Power Bringing Rebar to Heel”.
GöçMakSan, which offers its products and services to whole world by distributors along with its
domestic sales &service structure, proudly produces functional, long-lasting,
qualified products with experience
earned through many years, reliability and quality. 
With its wide range of products, experienced staff, fully operating well-equipped production facilities,
GMS is the leading brand in the industry. GöçMakSan, constantly improving its technology by
means of its financial strength and R & D investments, has been growing with each
passing day with new machine designs, its management vision that oversees the
sector and its approach that sets an example for the other firms.

GMS, in order to protect its brand value and to be an organization that’s constantly advancing in its field in the future,
will continue to work and make innovations tirelessly without a break.


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