Customer Orientation
Focuses on its works with all its energy to gain and
maintain the trust of its customers

Since the first day it was established, GöçMakSan have focused its manufacture, marketing-sales and after
sales activities accordance with the needs and demands of the companies it serves. Building its customer relations
formation on trust, GöçMakSan focuses on its works with all its energy to gain and maintain the trust of its customers.
GöçMakSan team, thinking long term instead of short term in customer relations, correctly analyzes customer needs
and demands and provides rational solutions. It always tries to develop
different options and present them for evaluation.
Thanks to its strong organizational structure, it sustains the trust it establishes with its customers.
Working Principles
Stands by their promises, their products, their services

Quality, trust and efficiency lies beneath the institutional structure of GöçMakSan.
What connects these three elements is to work with principles. All employees of GöçMakSan thinks right, tries hard to do their job good and stands by his work and word within the concept of trading
and moral honesty. Our employees do not confuse or misguide people for
commercial profits, act in compliance with all regulations, laws and ethical values and stand by
their promises they make, the products they present and the service they give.
Without exception, everybody in this structure is obliged to abide these principles.
Quality and Trust
GöçMakSan trademark means prestige of long-standing past, service guarantee and quality standard and thus it is unique.

GöçMakSan, while constantly changing with its dynamic structure from the first day it was established,
always arranged its manufacture background, products and service range focusing on quality and trust.
Today, as a trademark that has established its own standards and quality tradition, the reliability and quality of
GMS are results of each other.

GöçMakSan trademark means prestige of long-standing past, service guarantee and quality standard and
thus it is unique. Establishing the customer relations formation on trust, GöçMakSan structures price/quality
ratio accordingly. It plans everything from basic features down to the last detail for the customers to
receive what they have paid for.

It oversees the compatibility of the product to GMS quality standards in terms of interior and exterior
parts, economic life, spare parts, equipment advantages and technical features.
Göçmaksan is leader in its field and unrivaled….

With its prestige, long-standing past, technological manufacture background, engineering knowledge, experience,
quality perception and qualified labor, GöçMakSan is leader in its field and unrivaled at the top. Always
challenging itself to be and stay the best, GöçMakSan is never afraid of competition. Some compete just to
stay in the game, to steal role from the leader or to achieve a draw. For GöçMakSan, the only goal of competition
is to win. GöçMakSan competes for power, trust, new records, the pride of being the first and to achieve moral
and material values.

GöçMakSan believes that any kind of competition within the frame of ethical and legal laws produces quality.
It sees competition as a motivating and improving tool as long as it reflects on the quality of product and service.
Goals and New Horizons
Improvement is not a process but an option

Always developing with the awareness of the changes it created in the sector, GöçMakSan  aims for constant development and total quality
and revised its current structure in accordance with that. GöçMakSan is determined to be the leading company of Turkey in terms of manufacturing the best
quality products and after sales services on rebar cutting and bending machinery. As the pride of Turkish Machinery
Industry, GöçMakSan, being one of the global brands of its sector, will increase and continue its activities domestically and internationally.

Alongside with being the leader in quality product and dynamic service, getting the customer satisfaction to the maximum with constant development philosophy,
establishing efficient business relations, supporting the improvement of its employees, creating motivation and work satisfaction are the key points for GöçMakSan
to achieve its success. These achievements of GöçMakSan  were earned by years of hard work
and it will continue to work and produce for this purpose without a rest. ->
Team Spirit
It is not the names and ranks that makes us a team, it is the works conducted together and the team spirit.

The only thing that have not changed in GöçMakSan in years is the team spirit. Seeing its employees as the most important part of the company,
GöçMakSan earned all of its achievements with its teammates who travelled this path together.  In GöçMakSan, everybody is an individual but it is
not the names and ranks that makes us a team, it is the works conducted together and the team spirit. No matter what their experience,
knowledge or skills are, everybody in this team show great care for their work and above all, acts in accordance
with the prestige of GöçMakSan. Years and good and bitter experiences showed that only those with the team
spirit can sustain in this structure.

The human resources policy of GöçMakSan is to provide human resources of any level that are sustainable, competent, high performing, technology
oriented and open to learning and change. According to GöçMakSan, which follows an egalitarian and participative path in human resources management,
work efficiency is only available with a peaceful and safe work environment in which personal rights are respected.
With this perception, it presents everyone with equal opportunities in terms of self-improvement, increase of professional
competency and professional training.
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